Metamorphoses by Ovid (Ex-Library Paperback)

Metamorphoses by Ovid (Ex-Library Paperback)

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Ovid's legendary poem, comprising a total of two hundred and fifty ancient myths, is present in its entirety in this edition of The Metamorphoses.

The Metamorphoses is commonly referred to simply as an 'epic poem', when in actuality the text encompasses a variety of genres in telling stories of magnificent breadth and scale. At times adventure, at times romance, at times horrifying, and at times amusing - the poem spans the depth of human emotion and experience, expressed in the sublime and significant medium of the poetic verse.

Written in the 1st century A.D., The Metamorphoses is thus a supreme chronicle of classical legends and myths. The prevalent polytheistic faiths of the time held that many Gods created the world, with various feuds and adventures between the Godly realms and Earth ensuing for ages thereafter. By the time Ovid authored this work, there were several centuries of myths written and present, which he duly converted into verse form.

In terms of their sheer influence and scope, Ovid's Metamorphoses are scarcely rivalled in all Western literature. Inspiring countless poets from the classical, Medieval, Renaissance and later eras, the text's impact upon the writings of some of Western literature's greatest luminaries cannot be understated. The work deeply affected Shakespeare, Dante, and Chaucer, and also received many beautiful paintings depicting the various episodes within.

This edition of Ovid's masterwork contains translations to English from some of his most illustrious admirers of the 17th and 18th centuries. The Enlightenment figures in this edition include Alexander Pope, John Dryden and Samuel Garth to name but a few. Each undertook and published their respective translations of the Metamorphoses' books and passages, imbued with their unique voices and respect for the many stories told.