Zapato Power : Books 8-12 by Jacqueline Jules (Ex-Library HC/DJ)

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Freddie Ramos Adds It All Up (8) 

When Amy, the new girl at school, is being bullied, Freddie Ramos uses his Zapato Power to help her. But then she disappears! Super hearing, super speed, and super bounce doesn't help Freddie find her. And his superpowers aren't helping Freddie with his own school problem either―he's failing math. Can Freddie find a way to help Amy and his math grade?

Freddie Ramos Tracks Down a Drone (9)

Mr. Vaslov is building a drone to help him take care of Starwood Park―but that's Freddie's job! And when Freddie finds out his mom has a new boyfriend, he's worried about their relationship too. How can his Zapato Power help with all this change?

 Freddie Ramos Gets a Sidekick (10) 

Freddie is trying to make his first invention! But he gets frustrated when his first attempt fails. As Freddie zooms around Starwood Park to feel better, he notices holes in the doors and fence. Who is responsible for making the holes? Freddie wants to find the culprit, but when he gets injured and can't use his Zapato Power, who will look after Starwood Park?

Freddie Ramos and the Meteorite (Volume 11)

Can Zapato Power help detect a meteorite?

When Freddie and Mr. Vaslov see something fall from the sky, Freddie learns it could be a meteorite. He's determined to find it! Will Freddie find the rock from outer space before someone else does?

Freddie Ramos Powers Up (12)

Has Freddie found gloves that give him super strength?

Freddie loves to help Mr. Vaslov with jobs around the Starwood Park apartment buildings. One day Freddie finds a pair of small gloves that would fit him in Mr. Vaslov's toolshed. Could the gloves be a new invention?