Two Dogs in a Trench Coat: Books 1 - 4 by Julie Falatko (Ex-Library HC)

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1. Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School 

Sassy and Waldo are good dogs. They spend the day keeping their house safe. Has a squirrel ever gotten inside? No! But every day their boy, Stewart, comes home from this terrible place called school smelling like anxiety and looseleaf paper.

Sassy and Waldo decide to save Stewart. But they don't let dogs into school. So Sassy and Waldo decide to get creative. They put on an old trench coat, and now everyone at Bea Arthur Elementary thinks they are a new student named Salty from Liver, Ohio. Well, everyone except Stewart.

Sassy and Waldo love school! Everything smells like meat and dirty socks. And they discover a whole other way to help out Stewart!

2. Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Start a Club by Accident

Good dogs Sassy and Waldo start their own after school club and they don't even realize it!

Sassy and Waldo love school! They get to wear a trench coat and everyone thinks they're a new student named Salty. Except Stewart. He knows the truth. But then Stewart has to stay after school for a club. Sassy and Waldo know that a club is a sandwich. But it's not that kind of club. Sassy and Waldo go to the best place to wait for Stewart in the empty school: the cafeteria! Snacks! Running! Places to nap! Their classmates find out what Salty is doing there and they want in on the club. Only it's not the sandwich kind.


3. Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go on a Class Trip

Sassy and Waldo are good dogs about to be let loose on their first class trip!

Sassy and Waldo love trips! When they put on their trench coat, everyone thinks they're a human kid named Salty. They can go to all the places that don't let dogs in. Like school. And the museum. Stewart says the museum is all facts and learning. He is not excited to go there. But Sassy and Waldo have a permission slip that says lunch on it. How can a trip to a place with lunch be bad? Sassy and Waldo are very excited for their class trip. And that's before they find out about the giant bones.

 4. Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Enter Stage Left 

Sassy and Waldo are good dogs in the spotlight when their class puts on a school play!

Sassy and Waldo love to have fun! Like when they put on their trench coat and everyone think they're a student named Salty. Stewart knows the truth though. He is their best boy. Their whole class is doing a school playPlay? Dogs love to play! But now Stewart is acting like a different person. An evil person. Sassy and Waldo need to get their boy back! Even if it means doing that other kind of play.