Set of 4 Picture Books With Sheep Characters (Paperback)

Set of 4 Picture Books With Sheep Characters (Paperback)

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4 great picture books for young sheep lovers!

Sheepdog in the Snow by Martin Hall

A young lamb that is rescued by a farmer and raised with the family's sheepdog grows up thinking of himself as a dog, and his ability to herd sheep proves very valuable during a severe snowstorm.

Baby Lamb (A Golden Look-Look Nature Book) by Beth Spanjian

Baby Lamb eats, plays, sleeps, and sees the farmer shearing her mother.

Borreguita and the Coyote by Verna Aardema

What's a little lamb to do about a fierce coyote that wants to eat her? Why, trick him, of course...and and trick him again...and trick him one more time! Here's a lively retelling of a Mexican folk tale by master story teller Verna Aardema, illustrated in bold, winning colors by Petra Mathers.

Mary Had a Little Lamb by Iza Trapani (Iza Trapani's Extended Nursery Rhymes) 

Everyone knows the story of Mary and her little lamb with fleece as white as snow. But what happens one day when the lamb decides to go off alone?

Fans of Iza Trapani will delight as this adorable little lamb wanders across the farm, meeting an assortment of equally appealing characters. From a big brown horse to a tough old goose to a pen full of happy pigs, children will laugh out loud as Mary's little lamb stumbles from one mess to the next in this fun-filled rhyming adventure.